Harris Teeter Golf League 2019

Our Golf League will be played at Emerald Lake.

Hole # 1 is behind the putting green.

Season Begins Tuesday  4/2/19
Season Ends Tuesday  8/13/19

Year end 18 hole Tournament Saturday 8/3/19

Each Tuesday = 9 hole round for 16 total Tuesday rounds.
The season will be broken into two 8 week seasons, with winners for each season. Once the first half season is complete the second half starts and we reset the points to zero. Handicaps are carried forward. We will also have one Saturday 18 hole tournament.

This year’s dues are $350.00
Please make payment in full by March 29, 2019
Make checks payable to Charles Brame. 
Pam Prior will be our statistician. 
Subs pay $20.00 to play.

General Play

U.S.G.A. rules should be followed with the exceptions listed below:

1) Men will play white tees; Women will play the red tees.
2) Each team MUST have a Harris Teeter Associate as a permanent team member.
  • HT associates who are active in the league, and then retire from Harris Teeter are allowed to continue to play in the league.
3) When a ball is hit out of bounds (OB) or is lost, the next shot should be played from the spot where the ball crossed the OB line / lost area.  
• 1 stroke penalty is added to the score made on the hole.  
• In other words, you don’t get penalized on the distance gained, only the stroke penalty.  
• This will speed up play!
4) Double Par is the maximum score on any hole. If you’re already there or it seems that you’re going to get there, pick it up and put it in your pocket and prepare your mind for the next hole.
5) You may ‘roll the ball’ within one club length anywhere except a sand trap or green.  
• This includes the rough and woods.  
• Please use common sense and consider fairness when rolling the ball.  
• You cannot improve your lie out of the woods or out of the rough or out of a hazard. 
6) Conceding of putts is allowed but not required and yes it must come from a member of the other team.
7) Absolutely No mulligans, including the 1st tee box.

** Play “Ready Golf” and have Fun**


Handicaps will be calculated using “League Manager” a golf tracking software package purchased from golfsoftware.com. Handicaps will be calculated using the typical U.S.G.A. methods of handicap calculation.

Weekly Handicaps are based on the previous 8 rounds played. The two worst scores are thrown out and the best 6 scores are used to calculate the handicap.  An average differential is calculated (score minus par) for the 6 rounds, and then multiplied by 90 % to calculate a handicap. The handicap is rounded to the nearest whole number. 

New Substitute and new league player’s handicaps will start immediately using the 90% rule noted above for the first round played. After the new player has completed 2 rounds, the highest score is thrown out and the handicap is based on the one remaining score, after completing 3 rounds, the highest score is thrown out and the handicap is then calculated on the two best rounds. After 4 rounds, the 2 highest scores are thrown out and the handicap is based on best 2 rounds, after 5 rounds, the handicap is based the best 3 rounds, after 6 rounds, handicap is based on best 4 rounds, after 7 rounds, handicap is based on best 5 rounds, and after 8 rounds, handicap is based on best 6 rounds just like everyone else.  

The handicap is applied to each round based on the handicap rating of the scorecard.  
Example: If you have a 9 handicap you will receive 1 stroke off your actual score for each hole. If you have an 8 you will receive one stroke off each hole except for the one hole rated as the easiest to play.  
The maximum handicap  for 9 holes = 16, 
  • (maximum of one handicap stroke on the two par 3 holes, and two strokes maximum on the other 7 holes).


Each round is played for 12 points.  
9 points for holes won, which is 1 point for each hole won or ½ if the hole is tied.  
The player with the lowest score using handicap wins the hole for their team. 
3 points are awarded for the match, the team with the lowest total score less handicap wins the 3 points or 1½ points are awarded to each team in the event of a tie.
The score by hole posted on your card is your actual score without handicap.  
Use the dot system to keep track of handicaps. Write down which team wins the point for each hole, or a ½ if tied.
Handicaps will be posted each week before you begin play.  
Each player needs to know his or her handicap each week!
Total the scores, the holes won and the total match points BEFORE you turn in the card.
Points won by each team will be mutually agreed to by the two teams, and by signing the card, all are in agreement. 
A signed card means the scoring is accurate and final.

A member of both teams must sign scorecards. It is recommended to keep two score cards and match them during and after the round. Turn in only the signed card immediately after the round, at the course.

Failure to turn in scorecards immediately after the round = the two teams are disqualified for that round and will receive zero points.

If a team is a player short it is the present player’s choice to use a substitute or not. If the player chooses not to use a substitute he/she can only play for the 9 points in match play. The Net Score 3 points will be forfeited to the other team. 

The only exception is when both teams are a player short and no substitutes are used. In this case all 12 points will be played for.  

You cannot gain any points if your team is a no show regardless if the other team shows or not. If both are no shows, neither team shall gain any points. If you play a team that is not present and they do not have any substitutes your team will be awarded 9 points. It is the judgment of the administrator of the league to disqualify scores in this situation if a player or players decide to sandbag and record a score much higher than your average score in order to adjust your handicap. No other opinions count!

Position Rounds: must include at least one regular team member. If using a sub, the sub must have an established league handicap. If the sub does not have an established league handicap, that team cannot play for the net 3 points for team total and the 3 points are forfeited to the other team.


YOU are responsible for getting your own substitutes and YOU are responsible for notifying league officials before play that you will have a sub and the name of the sub.

Pam Prior is NOT responsible for getting subs.

It is of utmost importance in the fairness of play to get a sub when you cannot play. In most all cases in the past players have been aware that they will not be able to play well in advance. Get a sub!!!

League play can only be played on Tuesday when the League is scheduled to play. You cannot make up missed rounds during the week. A player can get a substitute to take your place in the event you cannot make it. You must notify Pam or Charles that you have a sub. Approved subs are HT employees/relatives or Vendors that we currently do business with. Subs will be charged $20.00 to play and must be payable before the round. The money collected is used for end of year tournament prizes.
Score cards will have the normal schedule members listed, if a substitute is playing for you they need to cross out your name and print their name (subs) clearly along with the handicap if known. If the substitute is new and does not have a handicap, the handicap will be established after the round at 90%.

Outside Beverages

Emerald Lake does not allow outside beverages or personal coolers on the course. Emerald Lake will provide a discount beverage program on league nights. You must purchase your beverages at Emerald Lake.

Rain Outs

The decision to have a rain out is normally made by 5:00 pm the day of play and the decision is sent to the league via email. If play begins and it rains, we will make a decision to determine if the round is cancelled completely or if we will finish the round at a later date.

Speed of Play

It is imperative that you and your partner keep up the pace of play. We understand that all skill levels are not the same but also please understand that if you play ready golf no one should be inconvenienced. Double par is the most you can take on any hole…don’t hit the last shot…meaning if you are playing a par 4 and you are on the green putting your seventh shot and miss it…pick it up and score the maximum 8. The # 1 complaint in our league in past years was about slow play. Have fun, but keep up the pace of play.

Quick Tips

• Once payment is received and the league begins, each player understands that he/she is held fiscally responsible for any damage they may cause to the golf course including the carts. 

• If full payment is not received for the league dues by 3/29/2019, the non-paying player will not be allowed to play.

• League plays on Tuesday nights starting 4/2/19

• Fix ball marks on the green and place sand in fairway divots

• Rake the sand traps

• Be aware that at any sign of lightning, play will be suspended.

• Out of Bounds (white stake)---Drop at point of entry. One stroke penalty.

• Double par is maximum score. Pick up if you are hitting for double par. Max handicap for 9 holes = 16.

• Play quickly. 9 holes should take two hours OR LESS. 

• Do not spend more than 2 minutes looking for a “lost” ball.

• Best ball (of 4) with handicap wins the hole for their team. One point.

• Low total net score (2 players) with handicap wins total for their team. Three points.

• You may roll the ball one club length except in a sand trap or on the green. Cannot roll ball out of a “hazard”.

• Subs pay $20.00 to play. No pay = no play!

• Respect the game and each other. Play with honesty, integrity and most of all, have a great time!!

• Full League Rules available from Pam Prior. (ext 4238)

Welcome to the Harris Teeter Golf League, in Charlotte, North Carolina!

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For additional info contact:

Charles Brame, League Administrator

Pam Prior - Scorekeeper

www.emeraldlakegolfclub.com           704-882-7888
Emerald Lake Hole # 18