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2019 HT Golf League 

Harris Teeter Golf League Quick Tips

o Our # 1 tip: Respect the game and each other. Play with honesty, integrity and most of all, have a great time!!

o Once payment is received and the league begins, each player understands that he/she is held fiscally responsible for any damage they may cause to the golf course including the carts. 

Do not drive the carts over the curbs. Doing so can damage the cart’s rear axle/differential.

o After completing play, please returns carts to the designated return area.

• Fix ball marks on the green and place sand in fairway divots

• Rake the sand traps

• Be aware that at any sign of lightning, play will be suspended.

• Out of Bounds (white stake)---Drop at point of entry. One stroke penalty.

• Double par is maximum score. Pick up if you are hitting for double par.

 Play quickly. 9 holes should take two hours OR LESS

• Do not spend more than 2 minutes looking for a “lost” ball.

• Best ball (of 4) with handicap wins the hole for their team. One point.

• Low total net score (2 players) with handicap wins total for their team. Three points.

• Ball may be “rolled” a maximum of one club length. Cannot take a “hazard” out of play.

• Subs pay $20.00 to play. No pay = no play!

• Start on back nine, stay on back nine. Start on front nine, stay on front nine.

• 16 oz Beer = $2.50 and all other drinks = $2.00.  There are no "free" beer specials.

• $3 for range balls.